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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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but this year, they're bringing him back. stay with us now. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. after more than eight years of fighting, the u.s. is officially marking tend of the war in iraq. plus, thousands of government workers are in limbo this morning, waiting to hear whether a government shutdown will be avoided. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. we're going to take a live look outside right now. it's 5:00 a.m. 46 degrees. feels nice and mild and pleasant out there this morning. we're in mid-december, tom, but i imagine this is not going to last very long. >> yeah. so enjoy it while you can. december is a winter month and it's going to certainly be feeling that way again tomorrow. but today, enjoy a bit of a balmy break from our usual winter chill. this morning, we are starting
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off with quite a bit of cloudiness. the clouds overnight have been holding in some of the warmth we had yesterday. right now, at reagan national, it's at 45 and we are in the mid 40s in montgomery, prince georges, arlington and fairfax counties. weather watchers reporting near 40 degrees around the valley. south and east of washington, weather owe observers in the northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore, they're reporting temperatures there in the mid and upper 40s. and the view from space showing a few breaks in the clouds. we're seeing a little bit of the peeking through. otherwise, it's quite cloudy elsewhere. we have rain out in the midwest from ohio down into indiana and kentucky. that's along a front that will be arriving here later today. a little sun in and out and a mild early afternoon. we ought to make it up to around 60 degrees early afternoon. and then by mid to late arch, we'll have that rain moving in
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and it may linger into this evening. danella, how is traffic? >> so far if you're traveling in virginia, your volume is light at this time. taking a look at i-66, not seeing any issues for you in either direction. a live look right now at sully road. you can tell east and west, no problems there at all. if you're traveling on i-6 of inside the beltway, here is the view at gleew road. in both directions east and wrest, no major delays. travel speed if you're heading east, from the beltway to gw parkway, you're at 61 miles per hour. that trip will only take you 11 minutes. joe and eun, back to you. breaking news this morning out of iraq. right now, a u.s. military ceremony is starting in baghdad, marking the official end of the u.s. war in iraq. these are live pictures from iraq. the last u.s. and unit flags will be taken down and the u.s. military will close up shop.
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melissa is in the news room with breaking developments. >> defense secretary leon pa net la and other leaders are taking part in that ceremony scheduled to start at any moment now. during today's ceremony, the u.s. nag will be officially retired or cased, according to army tradition. since the start of the war in 2003, the u.s. has spent $1 trillion. saddam hussein has been ousted and reports of weapons of mass destruction have been largely laid to rest. president obama called the withdrawal a campaign promise kept. again, we are waiting for that ceremony to start at any moment now. here is what the president said yet. >> work and sacrifice.
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those words only begin to describe the costs of this war. we are ending a war not with a final battle, but with a final march towards home. >> the president says his speech was a tribute to the 1.5 million americans that served overseas. the final u.s. troops will leave iraq in orderly cara vans and tightly scheduled flights. joe. >> melissa, thanks very much. rescue crews have successfully freed 20 miners trapped undergrowth in idaho. this is happening at the lucky friday mine in mullen. the mine is run by heckla mining company. two miners were hurt when a rock burst underground. earlier this year, two people died in separate incidents. the mine is currently undergoing a $200 million project to deepen it. this morning, the fbi will launch a campaign to attack a serial rapist.
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police are calling the suspect the potomac river rapist. investigators believe he sexu sexually assaulted eight women and attempted to rape another person in montgomery county between 1991 and 1998. they believe those crimes are linked to the rape and murder of georgetown graduate couldn't christine mersayon. the student's body was found in 1998. criminal profiler pat brown believes the potomac river rapist is hiding in plain sight. >> it takes somebody in the community to say, wait a minute, i know a guy who lives in that area .then they lived in the other area, as well, and then they start linking it together. >> the fbi is expected to unveil a website devoted to find the rapist at 9:00 this morning. five people are in the hospital this morning hurt in a voipt crash between a taxi cab and a metro bus. this happened last late night
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near michigan avenue. police are trying to figure out who caused the crash. we're told everyone hurt in the crash will be okay. this morning, thousands of federal workers are being warned to prepare for furloughs if congress remains divided on how to pass a spending bill and in the process avert a government shutdown. late last night, house republicans unveiled a $1 trillion spending package. the white house opposes several provisions of that legislation. it's urging congress to approve a short-term bill to keep the government running until a final resolution can be reached. lawmakers must come to some agreement by tomorrow night or the government will shut down. some federal workers are preparing for the worst. >> they must continue to watch how they spend their money, what they do in terms of how they speak, and it's just the same thing. because after this one, there's going to be another one. >> some federal agencies, including the commerce and justice departments, won't be affect by the government shutdown because they've secured funding for 2012.
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d.c. california member the marion barry is once again in hot water for failing to pace his taxes, apparently. the internal revenue service filed a tax lien on barry's home on orange street. he owes more than $3,200 in unpaid taxes for the year 2010. the irs started garnishing his council paycheck to pay back the money. he also owes the district tax money and is already on a payment plan. 5:07 is our time now. no laughing matter. several air force service members are under investigation this morning after a controversial picture of them surfaced. >> plus, a frightening accident caught on tape. why police say the driver of this truck rammed into a convenience store. plus, we're in for a bit of a warm-up out there today. but more changes, perhaps in the other direction, are on the way. we have weather and traffic on the 1s, next. [ terri ] my husband, hank, was always fun.
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5:09 is our time right now. we have 46 degrees outside. warmer than we would expect for this time of year and the day will be like that, as well. tom has all the details in today's forecast but changes are coming, as well, right? >> that is right. enjoy this brief break from our usual winter chill. this morning, there are some breaks in the clouds there. overall, though, quite cloudy around the region. we have some showers on radar showing up that area of color in western pennsylvania through ohio, down into kentucky. that's advancing to the east. that's a cool front that will be drifting through the region by later this afternoon. sunrise this morning, 7:19 and we'll have a little sunshine in and out through the morning hours. near 50 by 9:00. into the 50s by noon time. during the afternoon, actually make it up to around 60 degrees
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briefly for an hour or so. and then from mid to late afternoon into the evening hours, we'll have some rain showers coming through. it will be cooler, around 50 degrees once that rain starts. by midnight, should be all done temporarily, anyway. friday into the weekend, turning colder. and a look into next week at 5:21. danella, how is traffic sfp. >> good morning. seeing downed power lines on route 2 causing closures in both directions. police are on the scene directing traffic. follow their direction and take caution as you're driving in that area. traveling around the beltway, seeing a lot of green in the area. no major delays. let's check some live cameras now starting with the beltway in montgomery county. not seeing any issues for you if you're taking this trip here. travel on the outer loop, 58 miles per hour. if you're traveling this time,
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taking the beltway, you can see it's getting pretty busy, but your lanes are open. no problems on the inner loop or the outer loop here. traveling into virginia, this is the view on the street. to get from the wilson bridge to van dooren street, that trip will only take you six minutes. now back to you both. 5:12 now. 46 degrees. ahead on news 4 today, mitt romney is upping his attacks on newt gingerich. the latest word he is using to describe the gop front-runner's background and character. plus, more ads are being pulled from a muslim reality show. the reason the
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our time right now is 5:15. we're taking a look at the
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ceremonies in iraq. you can see them putting the cover over the flag that they have just taken down, marking the end of the u.s. involvement in this war in iraq. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta is there and he is marking that day, as you recall, about 4,500 american troops died during this nearly nine-year long war. and about a million and a half americans serve during this time in iraq. once again, these are live pictures of the closing ceremonies of the u.s. involvement in the war in iraq. we'll have more on this story as we go through the day. the air men in this photo are from the squadron currently based at lackland, virginia.
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several military commanders, wives and widows say they are extremely offended by the photo. air force commanders are trying to figure out if the photo violates any rules or if it was just taken in poor taste. the house passed a $662 billion piece of legislation yesterday. the senate is expected to do the same today. it ensures president obama will have the authority to prosecute terror suspects in the civilian justice system. it authorizes money for the war in afghanistan. now to vision 2012, the gop republican candidates are preparing for their final scheduled debate before the cauc caucuses. newt gingerich remains the front-runner going into the debate. and romney is stepping up his attack the on gingerich. he attacked gingerich's character during an interview in the "new york times." >> zany is not what we need in a president. zany is great in a campaign.
5:18 am
it's great on talk radio. it's great in the print. it beats -- makes for fun reading. but in terms of the president, we need a leader. >> zany is the word. romney says he would exhibit sobriety, stability and patience as a leader. a judge tossed out a federal lawsuit against former defense secretary donald rumsfeld and robert gates for sexual assault under their watch. 28 military vendors and verps tried to sue them for fostering a culture allowing rapists to thrive. the judge called the allegations troubling, but said the judiciary can't intervene in military discipline. one person is in the hospital after slamming a pickup truck through a convenience store. this was down in columbia, tennessee. this is security video of that crash that occurred on friday. police say the driver, 40-year-old eric whitacre was chasing a woman after a fight.
5:19 am
investigators say that after the crash, whitacre got out of the truck. he left the store, then stole an suv and after doing that crashed head on into a bread truck. whitacre is in the hospital in critical condition. once he recovers, police say they plan to charge him. an anonymous donor has given penn state $10 million to the engineering school. the school says it is the largest donation since the child sex abuse scandal become public last month. the money will be used to retain top faculty and enhance equipment. despite the sex abuse scandal, donations have been consistent compared to last year. and meanwhile, the investigate into penn state's involvement in the sex butte abuse scandal should be finished by mid-may. free told reporters, this isn't a criminal investigation and he would notify police on any potential criminal activity. the school board has reportly given free complete access to look into the school's possible
5:20 am
involvement in the scandal. fitch ratings service downgraded the debt ratings for five major european banks and cooperative banking groups. the ratings agency says it's because of the massive debt crisis. the firm noticed that the euro zone crisis is hurting other lenders indirectly. fitch says capital markets are not functioning properly. that news sent the asian stock markets down. right now, european markets are mixed and u.s. futures are up. it is just about 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we've had a mild, almost balmy start. feels, you know, nice out there for winter, huh? >> yeah. for this time of the day, this time of the year, we'll take 45 degrees. and that's what it is at reagan national. that's a live view from the city camera. we've got a lot of clouds hanging over washington and the cloud cover will be with us here throughout much of the morning. although we'll probably get a little sunshine around dawn
5:21 am
through mid day, but overall, quite cloudy. there is capitol hill. and as we take a look at the temperatures now around our region, we are in the 40s. weather observers checking in from the shennendoah valley all the way to the bay and the atlantic beaches were generally in the mid 40s. and that includes prince georges, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, the district. farther west, though, it's in the mid to low 30s out in west virginia and western maryland. and much of that region is getting some break in the cloud cover there. we're getting some breaks here right now, right over washington. a little bit of that moon trying to shine through. and off to our west, we're get something rain. that area of color is rain from western pennsylvania, into ohio, down into kentucky, that's a cool front that will be arriving here later today. by noon time, well into the 50s. it may actually get near 60 degrees by early afternoon. then some of that rain into the metro area by mid to late afternoon, earlier in the day of the mountains. occasional showers into this evening, probably ending by
5:22 am
around 9:00 or so. and by then, certainly once that rain commences we'll be down near 50 and hold steady there through the evening. by dawn tomorrow, near 40. a blustery northwest wind friday afternoon bringing in some kohler air. weak area of low pressure passing south of us. predawn, might get wet snow across northern virginia and much of maryland should stay dry. sun back saturday sunday. sunday, chilly with sunshine. afternoon highs, mid 40s. a bit milder monday. as we get into midweek, maybe rain wednesday. danella, how is traffic? >> still seeing problems along route 2. 2 still closed between harwood road and route 255 because of downed wire necessary that area. if you have to travel in that area, alternative road for you, you might want to take route 468, muddy creek road to avoid that situation with the downed wires. his are on the scene there. traveling on i-270, if you're taking the local lanes at west
5:23 am
montgomery avenue, not seeing any problems there. just be aware of that as you're making your commute and heading towards the spur. traveling i-95 in virginia, definitely picking up some volume. you can see here, both directions hov lane as well as the main lanes picking up in volume as you continue towards the interchange. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. now back to you both. >> thank you very much, danella. the fandamonium sweep stakes is back. fans of the nbc washington facebook page can win cold, hard cash. this friday, one person will win, yes, 4 gs, $4,000. all you have to do is sign up on nbc washington's facebook page. and you must enter weekly for a chance to win in that friday's random draw. maryland tara pin fabs are breathing a s&p 500 sigh of relief this morning. the terps held on to beat
5:24 am
florida national in college park. maryland trailed for much of the game and trailed by seven at halftime. the terps are now 6-3 on this young season. they're off until next friday when they play redford at the comcast center. nbc will be your place for the nfl for the next ten years. the new deal means you'll be able to see 19 regular season games right here on nbc 4 beginning next season. that includes the game on thanksgiving night and, of course, this year's super bowl can be seen here. we'll carry that super bowl game also in 2015, 2018 and 2021. the first tv interview with casey anthony will apparently cost $750,000. that's according to the hollywood reporter. that's what a producer is trying to fetch for anthony's first interview since being acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old
5:25 am
daughter, caylee. casey anthony is serving probation for an unrelated check fraud case. this company, pulled its television ads from the television show all american muslim. but the marketing officer for the travel website says it has nothing to do with the controversial nature of the show. the official tells the daily mail he watched the first two episodes and thought it was bad. lowes pulled its ads from the television show after an evangelical group complained the tv show was islamic propaganda. the show follows the day-to-day lives of families in deer born, michigan. >> they may live in the most prestigious address in america, but the first family reveals that they like to sit down and watch tv just like other families. mrs. obama and sasha says their the favorite tv show is the comedy, "modern family" and when he's not watching sports, the president watches homeland and
5:26 am
dr. drake. the white house says they only recently got a dvr. you've got to use that. it changes your life. >> especially with their schedule, you know? >> absolutely. if golden globe nominations we announced this morning, this is video of the stars arriving for last year's awards. ricky gervais will host the show for the third year in a row. you can watch the golden globe ceremonies live on nbc. those aren't ricky gervais, but looking at angelina jolie might be one. >> no offense to ricky gervais. >> he can deal with it. i think he's good at dishing it out. time is 5:26. coming up, watching over your kids. a virginia school district is closing in on a decision whether to add more security cameras to schools. plus, a local grinch who tried to steal christmas. the damage vandals did to this family's holiday display. >> hi. i'm beth manning, our daughter
5:27 am
emily and our son, john, in germany. we wanted to send out a merry christmas and warm holiday greetings. see you in the summer.
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you're looking at live pictures right now from baghdad, iraq. secretary of defense leon panetta speaking at closing ceremonies to mark the end of the u.s. involvement of the war in iraq in almost nine years. mrus, thousands of government workers are in limbo this morning waiting to hear if a government shutdown will be avoided. >> good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. welcome in on this 15th day of december. >> don't want to get your shopping nerves up, but ten more days until you know what? >> that's right. the countdown. ten more days. can you believe it? >> i don't know. i'm not ready. >> thanks, joe. panic mode, i have to go to the shopping centers, the malls. >> yeah. 46 degrees here in northwest
5:31 am
washington. that is not because of somebody's blow dryer. it's actually that warm all around the region this morning. we are starting off certainly milder than average for this time of year. this time of the morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now at reagan national, under a mostly cloudy sky. temperatures at 45 degrees. it's a little more humid and the wind is out of the south. that southern wind is blowing in and it's bringing in the warmer weather. it's going the be with us here into the afternoon. >> great singing. i'm trying, really trying. we'll probably be up near 60 degrees later this afternoon. a few breaks in the clouds. a little bit of sunshine breaking out. but there's rain way to our west. that's along a front. that will be coming in by mid to late afternoon. we could have a little bit of rain coming in. sunrise at 7:19. your evening planner, that will
5:32 am
be in about ten minutes. here is a look at your morning commute. >> 60 degrees is music to my ears. thank you for that. fingers crossed. traveling i-95 in maryland, i'll give you a live look right now if you're traveling right past 100 southbound on 100. not seeing any major issues for you. you are bustling this morning. no major delays or accidents on i-95 in maryland. i-95, getting very busy. here is a live look right now. lanes are filling.. hov lanes as well as the main lanes getting busy as you head towardsinter change. so far, no accidents in the roadways for you. you're not jammed just yet. you're traveling at a pretty good travel speed. on the rails, they're running and so far, no report delays on the metro, the mark or the vre. all are running on or close to schedule. joe and eun, back to you. 5:32 now. a developing story this morning. lawmakers on capitol hill are trying to reach a consensus on a spending bill that would avert a government shutdown and furlough
5:33 am
thousands of federal workers right before the holidays. news 4's melissa malay is live in the news room with the latest. >> this is all over a payroll tax cut extension. both republicanes and democrats say they want one, they just can't agree on who would foot the bill. if they don't reach a compromise by friday, 800,000 workers and hundreds of thousands of government contractors could face furloughs. this is the third time this year the workers are facing that possibility. late last night, house republicans unveiled ads 1 trillion spending package. the white house opposes several provisions of that legislation. right now, the white house is urging congress to approve a short-term bill. we all work hard, government and nongovernment. and just give us a chance to do our jobs without having to get encumbered by all this political debate. >> most of us don't have a lot of savings. we have some, but we don't have enough to carry us for the length of time it took like it did the last furlough. >> lawmakers must come to some type of agreement by midnight
5:34 am
tomorrow night or the government will shutdown. there are some agencies, though, like the justice and commerce departments that would not be affected since they already have a 2012 funding. eun. >> melissa, thank you. breaking news right now out of iraq. right now, a u.s. military ceremony is under way in baghdad, marking the official end of the u.s. war in iraq. we're taking a live look. these are live pictures from baghdad. the final u.s. and unit flags have been taken down and u.s. military will close up shop there today. leon panetta has spoken to mark the day with the last american troops in baghdad. >> this was one of the most complex, logistical undertakings in u.s. military history. 50,000 u.s. troops withdrawn seamlessly. dozens of bases, closed or handed over. millions of pieces of equipment
5:35 am
that had to be transferred. all while maintaining the security of our forces and the security of the iraqi people. almost 4500 americans died fighting that war, which began almost nine years ago. more than a million and a half americans served in iraq during that time. today, the fairfax county school board will vote on allowing security cameras inside their high schools. the cameras would be placed in cafeterias, lobbies,s and other large gathering areas. those pushing for the cameras site safety issues while others say the cameras are aen invasion of privacy. neighboring schools already use in-school cameras. >> occupy wall street protes protestsers will be gathering
5:36 am
tonight. according to occupy d.c.'s website, protesters are bringing santa, scrooge and lights among other things and they'll be getting into the holiday spirit. instead of shouting protests, they say they'll be singing them in the form of christmas carols. five prince georges police officers are on administrative leave for their role in a shooting. police received a call from a man saying he was going to kill himself. when officers arrived at the scene, he began waving his gun in a threatening manner. his name has not been released at this time. the officers involved, as i say, are on administrative leave which is standard procedure when shootings like this occur. police in vienna need your help for finding this man. he's wanted for credit card fraud. the video shows him leaving a giant grocery store. police believe he used his credit card at several locations in alexandria and vienna last month.
5:37 am
a former national zoo employee learned her sentence for trying to poison ferrell cats. >> doctor, would you care to make any statement? >> i have to comment. >> nico delfine received a 180-day sentence and 120 hours of community service. she was caught on camera back in march feeding rat poison to stray cats outside her columbia hats apartment building. she was a bird specialist for the national zoo. she says she was deeply ashaped shamed to have disappointed so many people and is working to repair the damage she caused. time is now 5:37. he's accuse odd of attacking a number of women in the d.c. area. what the fbi is doing now to help catch a serial rapist. putting the latest cars and trucks to the test. which runs are getting the nod for protecting you in a crash. plus, a mild start to your morning as you
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
welcome back. at 5:40, it is 46 degrees out there. a little balmy for mid-december as we countdown to christmas. joe is reminding us, ten days left. oh, my goodness, are you done yet? meteorologist tom kierein says
5:41 am
enjoy it while you can, right, tom? >> translator: not going to last long. good morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. it's 5:41 on this thursday morning. starting off this morning with temperatures certainly warmer than normal for this time of year, this time of the morning. right now in the low to mid 40s around most of the region. except out in the empties, it's in the 30s there. 45 at reagan national. mitt 40s in montgomery, arlington and fair tax and prince georges counties. a little bit of the moon showing through. we will have the clouds thickening up later today as the sun moves in from the west. a little sun this morning throughout mid day. we'll be well into the 50s by noon time and near 60 degrees early afternoon. mid to late afternoon around the metro area, rain moving in that may linger through mid evening this evening. sunset at 4:47. colder weather moves in tomorrow and for the weekend. we'll look at that and maybe a little bit of snow on saturday. details on that and a look at next week in ten minutes.
5:42 am
danella, how is traffic? >> good morning. traveling route 2. still seeing downed wires closing you down. closures are between harwood road and route 255. keep in mind, as an alternative road, you might want to take muddy creek road. that's root 468 this morning. not seeing any problems in the local lanes. and the main lanes here, had the main lanes on the right side of the vehicle. you're looking good as you maybe your way southbound on to the spur. traveling on 50, heading towards the city, seeing a little bit of volume there. if you're about to get on to the beltway, seeing no issues there. as you head out on 50, outbound, you can see here, i'll step out for you. you see some sweeping truckers on the right side of the roadway. be aware of them as you're making your commute. for now, back to you all. time right now is 5:42.
5:43 am
bah humbug, let's just say a thug has struck in one virginia neighborhood. the damage that vandal did to this family's holiday display. turns to winter and brings in the cold. because of our economy, millions more will feel that chill than ever before. they're the forgotten ones. the big boys have abused the system to enrich only themselves, while workers are still hurting. it could be a layoff after 22 years of working for the same company. or choosing between food and heat for a sick child. or after working your whole life, you don't have what you need to stay warm. you played by the rules, but who changed them?
5:44 am
even though oil prices are soaring to record levels, in washington, fuel aid for the poor was cut in half. citizens energy asked big oil companies and oil producing nations to help. they all said 'no,' expect for citgo and the people of venezuela. for the last 7 years, citgo has helped struggling families in the united states in good times and in bad. so if you need help staying warm this winter, give me a call. because no one should be left out in the cold.
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welcome back. breaking news out of bargd right now where the u.s. is officially marking the end to the war in iraq. defense secretary leeann panetta marked the day with the last remaining american troops in bath. more than 4,000 americans died fighting the war which began nearly nine years ago. president obama and the first lady mark the end of the war yesterday by welcoming home troops at ft. bragg in north carolina. this morning, the fbi will officially launch a campaign by
5:47 am
catching a serial rapist. he's accused of tacking almost a dozen women in the washington area. jackie bensen has the latest. >> criminal profiler pat brown believes he's hiding in plain sight. >> one of the things you find with serial rapists and serial killers is often they're the guy that does live next door or even worse, with you. you may know them. they may go to work every day, they watch movies like everybody else. especially the type that does not have a criminal record. we find many of these guys do not. >> investigators now between that between 1991 and 1998 in montgomery county, maryland, a man assaulted eight women and attempted to rape another. in addition to being raped, she was struck multiple times in the head with a rock. >> if you have a number of cases linked, you go out to the
5:48 am
public, let them know every detail you can, when it happens, where it happened. it takes somebody in the community to say, wait a minute, i know a guy who lives in that area who was available at that time and then i know they lived in the other area, as well, and they start let me thinking it together. reporting from georgetown, jacksky bensen, news 4 today. and d.c. council member marion barry is once again behind in paying his federal taxes and the irs is trying to collect again. the washington times reports the internal revenue service filed a tax lien on barry's home in orange street in southeast washington. he owes more than $3,200 in taxes for 2012. the irs started garnishing his council paycheck to pay back the money he also owes the district tax money. he is already on a payment plan. and d.c. councilman harry thomas has one less legal issue to worry about. his outstanding student loans.
5:49 am
thomas reached an agreement with the federal government to make monthly payments to repay the loans. he still owes about $16,000 for loans he took out back in the 80s. thomas has a lot on his plate these days. federal investigators are looking into whether he diverted certify funds for personal use. federal investigators are hoping they can find two vandals who destroyed a family's christmas decorations. two teenagers were caught on tape destroying seven inflatable decorations, 15 figurines and 10,000 lights. the homeowners estimate the total damage is about $7,000 and say their christmas spirit haas has been dampened because of these attacks. >> christmas is special to us. and the display is special and ruining something like a christmas display just isn't right. >> ynd it. i was a kid once, too, and did
5:50 am
dumb things. this is well beyond that. >> anyone with any information is asked to call fairfax county police. the lester family used three miles of extension cords to light up a quarter of a million lights. their electric bill this month? well, about $2,500. and police are on the hunt for thieves who took a baby jesus statue from a nativity scene. this happened at the central park shopping center in fredericksburg, virginia. this isn't the first time the statue has been stolen. officials filled the statue with concrete. but that didn't stop the thieves, either. there were tire tracks at the site, proving a vehicle was used in the crime. the robert johnson foundation found that prince gornlgs county ranks as one of the most unhealthy counties in the state. montgomery county is considered to be the second healthiest. the foundation looked at how long people live and how they feel. they looked at behavior and
5:51 am
socioeconomic status. >> consider this the next time you're exhausted one morning sitting in gridlock and trying to get over that nagging cost. the company you work for may be better off if you make your own hours. i like this idea, joe. researchers at the university of minnesota say companies do better when they're flexible about how and whether a job gets done. according to the study, employees who can make their own hours get more sleep and exercise. go to the doctor when they're sick and are less likely to come to work sick. as a result, they're more productive when they're working. how would you like to set your own hours? >> that would be nice. can't work too well. i was going to say, unless we're doing the news cast from home. >> come in at 9:00 and do 4:30 a.m. news cast. >> that's not going to work. >> no. >> how about we do a 7:00 a.m. news cast, a couple of hours. we can change it throughout the day, whatever we feel like doing. exactly. that's not going to work for us.
5:52 am
5:51. people need their weather forecast before they head out the door. >> on the 1s. good morning. we are starting off this morning with milder temperatures than we've seen the last several mornings. enjoy it while you can. it won't last long. right now, at reagan national airport, there's capitol hill in the distance, it's 45. and we've got a southern wind that is bringing in the warmth. it's going to be with us here through the morning hours and into the afternoon. right now, weather watchers are reporting it's in the 40s from the blue ridge to the bay and the eastern shore. from the blue ridge west, it's in the low 40s and 30s in the mountains of western maryland, much of west virginia. now, the view from space showing we had a few sprinkles last night but they're long gone now. we had a few breaks in the clouds and a little sunshine this morning. then we'll cloud right back up here this afternoon. this is a line of rain that stretches from western new york state into pennsylvania, ohio, indiana and kentucky. that's a line up front that will come our way here later today. between now and then, though, we
5:53 am
will be warming up, well into the 50s by noon time. actually may hit near 60 degrees by early afternoon. and then by mid to late afternoon in the metro area, we'll likely have some rain moving in. that rain will arrive later today in the mountains. then occasional showers, light rain from time to time into the evening. then after that, we'll be down near 40 by dawn on friday. during the day friday, mostly cloudy. sun in and out. but chillier. near 50 tomorrow afternoon. by dawn saturday, near 30 degrees. and predawn saturday, there is a small chance we could get a little bit of wet snow. i don't think anything is going to stick the way it looks right now. but just a brief visit from a weak area of low pressure to our south, saturday predawn. saturday afternoon, some sun back into the 40s and sunny sunday and cold. highs only in the mid 40s. morning lows 20s. chilly on monday and tuesday. might get some rain wednesday next week. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning.
5:54 am
if you're traveling in mcclain westbound, georgetown pike, this is at 123 south. if you're traveling i-270 making your way south at west montgomery avenue, still see the disabled. this guy is in the right shoulder lane. northbound on i-270, not seeing any issues for you there. now, if you're traveling on 395, this is a view at edsel, starting to get busy, but no major delays just yet. you're clear as you make your way on to the 14th street bridge and head on into the city. on the rails so far, no reported delays. on the metro, the mark or the vre. back to you. >> danella, thanks so much. if you're shopping for a new car, there's a good chance your new vehicle will be among the safest on the road. 115 vehicles made the list of top safety picks by the insurance institute for highway safety. just 70 cars, trucks and suvs earned that award last year. every major automaker has at
5:55 am
least one model on the top safety pick list. >> that tells the consumer that, you know, they're going to be well protected in a serious frontal crash, side impact, rear impact and rollover crashes. >> that's good news. concerns over rollover crashes are why the insurance institute paid special attention to roof strength this year. new numbers say foreclosures are down, according to realty track. the number of foreclosures were down in november. 3% from october. that is a 14% decrease from the previous year. it's not all good news, though. some states, including california, arizona and massachusetts actually posted year over year increases in foreclosure activity last month. holiday sales are up, but so are returns. shoppers waited in long lines to scoop up bargain deals on toys and clothes and tvs after thanksgivi thanksgiving. but that spending spree turned into a bit of a holiday hangover. shoppers are now returning
5:56 am
irresistible items that surpassed their family's budget. for every dollar that stores braus in over the holiday season, they will have to give back about 9.9 cents, about 10%, in returns and that is up from last year. here is a page turner. real page turner. it turns out despite the popularity of ebooks and ereaders, actual books are making a come back. the "new york times" reports that pricey coffee table books and large hard cover biographies are selling very well this holiday season. many local bookstores are showing strong sales partially because some larger stores, like borders, are shutting down. analysts believe another reason is that holiday shoppers are simply sick of being frugal. well, you know, i know the ipads and the nooks and the kindles are wildly popular, great for the traveling community. but there's nothing like holding a book in your hand, turning the pages. i like to underline great writing i want to read later. i love reading a book.
5:57 am
time is 5:56. tis the season to put up holiday decorations. last night, i had a chance to take the part in a special celebration in montgomery county. there it is. beautifully lid up. and the walter johnson waving at everyone, high school choir, the dance studio at the time rockville music center. santa was the most popular guy last night. >> did you h. >> yeah. the kids were screaming and yelling at him. he had to have security detail. that's a beautiful tree. >> there you go. you see, right here in our area. i love it. >> very pretty. new this morning, unveiled the 2011 word of the year. and it's probably -- well, not what you think. but don't go too far with that. >> and this morning, what federal workers are being told to do as we inch closer to a government shutdown. take a live look outside right now. we're going to have more weather and traffic on the 1s as we
5:58 am
continue news 4 today at 6:00. right now, we have 46 degrees. it's going to be a mild day today. stay with us. state farm. this is jessica.
5:59 am
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